Central Council

The Central Council which is ELEC's managing body, brings together twice a year the presidents of national sections under the leadership of the International President. It adopts and circulates resolutions in ELEC's name. This is also the forum in which the programmes of ELEC's working commissions are debated and approved, and their work evaluated.


Honorary President: Daniel CARDON de LICHTBUER

Honorary President: Bernard SNOY

President: Javier ARIAS

Vice-President: Rainer BODEN

Members "ex officio":

Ramon BUISAN (President of the section in Andorra)
Bénédict de TSCHARNER (President of the section in Switzerland)
Radu DEAC (President of the section in Romania)
Maciej DOBRZYNIECKI (President of the section in Poland)
Francesc HOMS FERRET (President of the section in Spain)
Philippe JURGENSEN (President of the section in France)
Stefan KOREN (President of the section in Austria)
Illya LINGORSKI (President of the section in Bulgaria)
Piet MOERLAND (outgoing President of the section in the Netherlands)
Antonio MARTINS da CRUZ (President of the section in Portugal)

Individual members:

Olivier GISCARD d'ESTAING (France)​
Carles GASÒLIBA (Spain)​
Matthijs van der VELDEN (Netherlands)​

Secretary general: François BAUDU


Curricula vitae

Honorary President : Baron Daniel Cardon de Lichtbuer

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Honorary President : Baron Bernard Snoy

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Vice-President : Rainer Boden

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Secretary General : François Baudu

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