Neighbourhood commission

Bernard SNOY (Belgium)

Former presidents:
2004-2009: Giselbert SCHMIDBURG (Austria)
Until 2004: Michael PALMER (United Kingdom)

Former "Enlargement Commission" - President:
Michael PALMER (United Kingdom)

Upcoming events

Past events

15-10-2009 - Brussels (BE)
Role of the EU in conflicts prevention and resolution in its Eastern neighbourhood
22-04-2008 - Brussels (BE)
Economic balance of the impact of the coming of new member states into the EU
30-11-2007 - Bern (CH)
EFTA-EU Relations
04-05-2007 - Brussels (BE)
European Neighbourhood Policy: objectives and developments
05-05-2006 - Brussels (BE)
The Council of Europe
04-05-2005 - Brussels (BE)
The new neighbourhood policy
10-11-2004 - Brussels (BE)
The work of the Stability Pact for South-East Europe
20-09-2002 - Brussels (BE)
European agriculture after enlargement
28-06-2002 - Brussels (BE)
European agriculture after enlargement
02-06-1999 - Vienna (AT)
Various topics
15-05-1998 - Warsaw (PL)
Various topics
22-04-1998 - Brussels (BE)
Program and vision
24-10-1997 - Brussels (BE)
EU Eastward enlargement: Agenda 2000
18-04-1997 - Prague (CZ)
Various topics