03-12-2018 - Brussels (BE)

Commission meeting

The European League of Economic Cooperation (ELEC)


Special event organised on Monday 3 December 2018 by ELEC on the eve of its December Central Council Meeting


Venue : Club of the University Foundation, 11 rue d’Egmont, 1000 Brussels


Morning session


10H to 13 H

Monetary Commission Meeting,

under the chairmanship of Wim Boonstra, Special Adviser, RaboResearch Global Economics & Markets, former Chief Economist of Rabobank.


Presentation and a discussion on the proposed European Capital Markets Union by Ruben van Leeuwen, Head of Credit Strategy and Regulation at Financial Markets Research of Rabobank.


 Discussion of two specific proposals put forward by members of ELEC. :

  • The Temporary Euro-Bill Fund , a proposal that we have already defended in the past and which has been updated by Graham Bishop, a prominent British economist and member of ELEC,  (see attachments)  and which might provide both a safe asset and an instrument of solidarity combined with an incentive to comply with EU fiscal rules.
  • The proposal by Franz Nauschnigg,  Director, European Affairs and International Financial Institutions, Austrian National Bank, who is also Secretary of the Austrian Section of ELEC,  to use the profits generated in the ECB by the SMP programme to create fiscal capacity for the euro area (see in attachment  the German and English versions of his proposal).

Discussants :

  • Servaas Deroose, Deputy Director General of ECFIN, European Commission
  • Paul Goldschmidt, former Director General, DG Financial Operations, European Commission
  • Etienne de Lhoneux, honorary Secreatry General of the Central Bank of Luxembourg (tbc).


The Monetary Commission will hold its discussions exclusively in English.


14h30 to 17h30

Afternoon session  on « Prospects for the EU six months ahead of the elections to the European Parliament ».

Participants :

  • Rainer Munz,  Adviser, European Political Strategy Center, European Commission
  • Joost van Iersel, former President, Section for Economic & Monetary Union and Economic and Social Cohesion, Economic and Social Council of the EU.
  • Eric Maurice, Head of the Brussels Office of the Robert Schuman Foundation
  • Giles Merritt, Founder and Chairman, Friends of Europe
  • Philippe Herzog, Founder of Confrontatiopns Europe, former MEP, former Adviser to European Commissioner Michel Barnier 
  • Philippe Legrain, Founder/ Executive Director, OPEN think tank, former Adviser to European Commission President Barroso
  • Anthony Teasdale, Director General of the European Parliament Research Service as well as Professor at the LSE
  • Elisabeth du Parc Locmaria, Representative of a new transnational youth party VOLT, having the ambition to  present itself to the European Parliament.



In cooperation with the Movement « Confrontation Europe » , 

presentation of the new book « D’une Révolution à l’autre , Mémoires »  of Philippe Herzog, former MEP, former adviser to French Prime Minister Michel Rocard, Founder of « Confrontations Europe ».


Former Commissioner and EU Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier as well as Olivier Guersent, Director General, FISMA, European Commission, will be present and will give their comments on Herzog’s book.


The afternoon and evening sessions will be bilingual English/French but with simultaneous translation French to English.



Dinner for the ELEC members and their guests (by invitation)


with a keynote speech by Pierre Defraigne, former Chief of Cabinet of European Commissioner Pascal Lamy, now Executive Director of  the Madariaga Foundation /College of Europe

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