05-12-2013 - Brussels (BE)

Economic & Social Commission: " How can we ensure a full contribution of the financial sector to support an economic upturn?" - Annual dinner: keynote speaker Jan Smets (NBB)

Meeting of the Economic and Social Commission, together with the Monetary Commission.

December 5th 2013


  •  Miguel DE LA MANO, head of unit "Analysis of Financial Market Issues", European Commission.
  •  Jean-Paul BETBEZE, former chief economist Crédit Lyonnais and Crédit Agricole .
  •  Bernard COHEN-HADDAD, president "commission financement" of the CGPME 
  •  Jeanne-Marie PROST, médiatrice nationale du crédit aux entreprises (France) 
  •  Robert PRIESTER, deputy chief executive European Banking Federation.

After the meeting a formal dinner was held with Jan Smets, director and chief economist at the National Bank of Belgium, as keynote speaker.​


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