25-03-2019 - Paris (FR)

Economic & Social Commission: Brexit

Topic:  "the European Union in view of the short- and medium-term consequences of the different Brexit variants".

Venue: Representation of the European Commission, 288, boulevard Saint-Germain à Paris (75007) - 10am - 5pm

The questions proposed for discussion are as follows:

• The many Brexit variants: hard Brexit, soft Brexit, no deal? Is it possible that a second referendum invalidates the first, and when? What can be removed from Norwegian, Swiss, Canadian "models"?
• Should we delay the deadline, ie "go back to better jump"? Until when, given the European elections of May 26?
• The economic and social consequences of Brexit on the European Union at 27 and on the United Kingdom itself. Is a slowdown in growth to be feared? And / or a blockage of goods and people at the borders? How will the Internal Market and the Capital Markets Union work?
• The political and institutional consequences of Brexit: an example for all European populists, or a counter-example? Is the EU27 capable of reviving a certain amount of additional federalism (banking union, European defense, tax harmonization) or risk becoming disintegrated?

Stakeholders participating in this debate should be (subject to confirmation):


Michel BARNIER, Chief Negotiator, in charge of preparing for the conduct of negotiations with the United Kingdom, or his representative
Graham BISHOP, Consultant on European Integration
Philippe LEGRAIN, Visiting Fellow at the European Institute, Founder and Executive Director of the "Open" Reflection Circle
David LLEWELLYN, Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Paris, or his representative
Nathalie LOISEAU, Minister Delegate for European Affairs and Head of Brexit French side, or her representative

Interventions are planned in the morning. Each should last about 20 minutes and will be followed by a brief debate.
After an on-site lunch[1], , the afternoon will be devoted to discussing a draft ELEC resolution.

It is possible to register with:

the secretariat of the Economic and Social Commission of the League in Paris, by email: lece.france@gmail.com or by phone: +33 1 45 65 98 76.
the general secretariat of the League in Brussels, by email: info@elec-lece.eu


[1] Lunch will be presented as a light buffet for those who wish. There are also possibilities of restoration in the neighborhood (duration of the lunch break 1h00)

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