22-05-2018 - Paris (FR)

Economic & Social Commission: Economic convergence

The economic convergence of the countries of the European Union, illusion or necessity?

10am - 5pm, 288 boulevard Saint Germain (salle de la Rotonde), Paris


The questions proposed for discussion are as follows:

  • Has the single currency made it possible to bring the economic situations of the participating countries closer to the euro zone? Interest rate ; growth; employment; commercial balances and payments; quality of life.
  • What degree of convergence between the countries of the European Union? What has been the relative evolution between the countries of the north and the south of the euro zone? Between the countries of Eastern and Western Europe? In particular, did the entry of Central and Eastern European countries (CEECs) into the European Union help to bridge the gaps? What role to assign to the Structural Funds? and to the effect "Balassa-Samuelson"?
  • What progress has been made in the field of social Europe? Beyond the inequalities between regions, where is the EU in the gaps between social categories?
  • What are the most effective strategies for improving convergence in the future? Regulation? Financial solidarity? Shared areas of economic and social solidarity? Planning policy of the Union?


The speakers participating in this debate will be:

  • Pierre MOSCOVICI, European Commissioner, Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs
  • Guntram WOLFF, Director of .Bruegel
  • Philippe JURGENSEN, Professor of Economics in Sciences Po (Paris), author of "L'euro pour tous".
  • N***, Professor of Economics, Germany.
  • Dario VELO, Professor at the University Borromeo of Pavia, Italy.
  • N***, Professeur of Economics, Spain

Interventions are planned in the morning. Each should last about 20 minutes and will be followed by a brief debate.

After an on-site lunch, the afternoon will be devoted to discussing a draft ELEC resolution.


To participate in this meeting, please contact:

  • the general secretariat of the League in Brussels, by email: info@elec-lece.eu
  • the secretariat of the Economic and Social Commission of the League in Paris, by email: lece.france@gmail.com or by phone: +33 1 45 65 98 76

The lunch will be presented in the form of a light buffet, for those who wish: participation in the costs of 20 €. There are also possibilities of restoration in the neighborhood (duration of the lunch break 1h00)

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