22-05-2009 to 23-05-2009 - Barcelona (ES)

9th Conference: Union for the Mediterranean: economic dimension

  ¤ Opening
      -> Anna TERRON, Secretary of State for the European Union - Government of Catalonia
      -> Carles GASOLIBA, President of ELEC Mediterranean Commission
  ¤ Round table "Infrastructures: sea and land highways in the UM"
      -> Eduard RODES, Director, Port of Barcelona
      -> Akram EL-HOSSEINI, Director, Catalonian Trade Promotion Center Cairo
      -> Lowell LEWIS, Professor, University of California
  ¤ Round table "Environment: cleaning projects for the Mediterranean and solar energy in the Mediterranean Union"
      -> Senén FLORENSA, Director-General, IEMed
      -> Alexander ZAFIRIOU, Secretary General Middle-East-Mediterranean Unit, Council of the European Union
      -> Miquel RIGOLA, Professor of environment science, University of Girona
  ¤ Round table "Economic growth: small and medium sized business as leverage for creating employment and sustained economic growth"
      -> Alexandre MUNS, Director International Relations, Logistic Centre Barcelona-Catalonia
      -> Josep GONZALEZ, President, Confederation of Small and Medium Size Enterprises
      -> Khalid Ben JELLOUN, President SME-section, Moroccan Confederation of Enterprises

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