02-10-1998 to 03-10-1998 - Barcelona (ES)

2nd Mediterranean: Current relations between the EU and the Mediterranean countries

 ¤ EU cooperation with Mediterranean countries: Spanish viewpoint
      -> Senen FLORENSA, Director general, Institut de Coopération avec le monde arabe (Madrid)
  ¤ The role of France in relations between the EU and Mediterranean countries
      -> Olivier GISCARD d’ESTAING, President of ELEC Economic and Social Commission
  ¤ Economic cooperation with Norht-Western Mediterranea
      -> Joaquim LLIMONA, Director general for international relations, Catalan Government
  ¤ EU Mediterranean policy in the perspective of the Palerme meeting
      -> Xavier PRATS MONNÉ, Chef de cabinet adjoint of European Commissioner Manuel Marin
  ¤ Promotion of industrial projects in the Mediterranean based on EU cooperation programmes
      -> Gabriel FERRAN, Ambassador Programme Coordinator of the Averroes Committee (Madrid)
  ¤ Economic relations between Morocco and the EU
      -> Mohamed KABBAJ, President, Lafarge Maroc

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