05-05-2000 to 06-05-2000 - Barcelona (ES)

3rd Conference Relations between the EU and Eastern Mediterranean countries

  ¤ Present situation of EU relations with Middle-East countries
      -> Angel MORATINOS, Special EU official for the peace process in the Middle East
  ¤ Spanish cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean
      -> Gabriel GUZMAN, Coordinator Mediterranean projects, Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  ¤ The Barcelona process and the Middle East
      -> Andreu CLARET, Director, Institut Catalan de la Méditerranée
  ¤ Turkey vis-à-vis Europe and the EU
      -> Mario BUSCEMI, Adviser at the Court of Auditors
  ¤ Egypt
      -> Hussein KAMEL HARIDY, Egyptian Ambassador in Spain
  ¤ Cyprus
      -> Kalliopi AVRAAM, Director for EU relations, Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  ¤ Malta
      -> Carmel AKILINA, Maltese Ambassador in Spain

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