04-12-2014 - Brussels (BE)

Monetary Commission: the deflation danger and what to do about it

Meeting together with the Economic & Social Commission.


William De Vijlder, chief economist BNP Paribas: "Deflation in the eurozone: where do we stand?

Yutaka Nishigaki, head Brussels office, Japan Centre for International Finance: "Historic experiences with deflation: lessons from Japan"

Xavier Ragot, président de l'Observatoire français des conjonctures économiques, "Les aspects non-monétaires de la déflation" (in French; PPP in English)

Jan Marc Berk, director economics & research, De Nederlandsche Bank: "Fighting deflation and the optimal inflation target: what are the options?"

Menno Middeldorp, senior economist Bank of England, formerly at Federal Reserve NY: "Historic experiences with deflation: US 1930s"

Allard Bruinshoofd, head internat. research Rabobank: "Banking in times of negative interest rates"

Luc Coene, governor National Bank Belgium; keynote dinner speaker:” The limits to monetary policy”

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