05-03-2009 to 06-03-2009 - Amsterdam (NL)

Kronberg conference: the financial crisis

  Kronberg Monetary Conference
  ¤ The Larosière report: How to organise the supervision of financial institutions and markets in the EU
      -> Jacques de LAROSIERE, Chairman Larosière Group
  ¤ Main lessons to be drawn from the present financial instability
      -> Jean-Claude TRICHET, President of the European Central Bank
  ¤ Challenges for banking supervisors in responding to the financial crisis
      -> Kerstin af JOCHNICK, Chairman Committee of Banking Supervisors
  ¤ Crisis intervention and policies: effectiveness and the need for coordinated lessons
      -> Nout WELLINK, President Dutch Central Bank

Monetary Commission

The role of state aid control in the financial crisis
      -> Nicola PESARESI, Head of Unit State Aid, DG Competition, European Commission



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