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Annual Report

    years 1988 until now


Report from the secretary general on activities of ELEC

    years 1961 until 1987 (some older reports only in French)


Cahier Boël

2011 (Cahier Boël 15) How to strengthen the European Monetary Union

2010 (Cahier Boël 14) The creation of a European common bond market

2008 (Cahier Boël 13) Pan-EU Retail Banking

2006 (Cahier Boël 12) Financial Supervision in Europe

2004(Cahier Boël 11) European Economic Governance Revisited

2002 (Cahier Boël 10) The Euro: Required Steps to Success

2001(Cahier Boël 9) The Enlarged EU: a Wider Role

2000 (Cahier Boël 8) The Euro: Next Steps to Success

1998 (Cahier Boël 7) Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe

1997 (Cahier Boël 6) European Dimension of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

        (Cahier Boël 5) A New European Social Model

1994 (Cahier Boël 4) The Future of Central Europe

        (Cahier Boël 3) Institution Convergence: a Prerequisite for Monetary Union

1993 (Cahier Boël 2)Transition Strategies toward Economic and Monetary Union

        (Cahier Boël 1) Environment


Other publications

1996   (n°71) 50th Anniversary of ELEC (1946-1996) - In Remembrance of Joseph Retinger

1995   (n° 70) The Origins of the European League for Economic Cooperation

1990   (n° 65) Migration of Workers and Company Operations (symposium, May 90)

          (n° 64) What Future for European Agriculture?

1989   (n° 63) Taxation in Europe (symposium, Apr. 89)

1988   (n° 62) Europe and the Case of Austria (symposium, Oct. 88)

1987   (n° 61) The European Dimension in Environmental Protection (symposium, Dec. 87)

1986   (n° 60) Financial Market for Europe (symposium, Dec. 86)

           (n° 59) Financial Market for Europe - Introductory Report (symposium Dec. 86)

           (n° 58) The Reform of the CAP and its Implications for International Trade (symposium Jan. 86)

1984   (n° 57) Reorganizing Work (symposium sep. 84)

1982   (n° 56) Co-existence in the European Economy of Public and Private Enterprise (symposium, 2 July. 82)

1981   (n° 55) Europe in the Eighties - ELEC in Action

1978   (n°54) A new Economic Impetus for Europe - The Fundamental Role of the European Parliament (symposium, 14 Dec. 78)

           (n° --) Europe? Yes, Europe - Guide for the Candidates

1977   (n° 53) Towards a United Europe - An ELEC Enquiry

1974   (n° 52) Conjunctural and Structural Problems of the European Industry - The Automotive, Chemical and Machine-tool Industry 

           (n° 51) For a Reform of the Functioning of the European Community Institutions

1973   (n° - -) XXVth Anniversary of ELEC

           (n° 50) Regional Policy in the Economic and Monetary Union

1972   (n° 49) The External Relations of the Community

           (n° --) Summary of Activities in 1971. Brief Account of ELEC's Influence on European Development 1946-1970

1969   (n° 47) The Inter-European Industrial, Technical and Scientific Agreements - East-West Industrial Co-operation

           (n° 46) A programme for Monetary Integration within the E.E.C. - Feasibility Study and Proposals as to the Measures to be Taken

           (n° 45) The Common Policy for Transport in Europe

1968   (n° 44) The Organization of a European Monetary Order - VIth International Conference

1967   (n° 43) XXth Anniversary of ELEC - Speeches

           (n° 42) Institutional Problems Arising from an Enlargement of the European Communities

           (n° 41) Economic, Industrial, Scientific and Technical Co-operation between the Countries of Eastern and Western Europe

1966   (n° --) ELEC - 1946-1966

1965   (n° 40) East-West Commercial Relations - Study Conference

1963   (n° 39) Strengthening Economic Co-operation in Europe - Vth International Conference of ELEC

           (n° 38) Latin America and the European Experience

1962   (n° 37) The European Economic Community and the Three Neutrals: Austria, Sweden, Switzerland

           (n° 36) The Entry of Great Britain into the European Economic Community - Appendix to previous publication

1961   (n° 34) The Entry of Great Britain into the European Economic Community   

           (n° 33) The Developing Countries of Europe and European Integration

1960   (n° 31) The Coming Tasks of Europe - Introductory Reports for the IVth International Conference of ELEC

           (n° --) ELEC - 1946-1960

           (n° 30) European Investment Bank Problems

           (n° 29) Topical Tasks of Monetary Policy in Europe

1959   (n° 27) European Co-operation in Relation to a World Recession

1958   (n° 25) Common Protection for Private International Investments

1957   (n° 23) European Integration and Social Security

1956   (n° 21) The Common Market to Promote Social Prosperity - Resumé of the Work of the IIIrd International Conference of ELEC

           (n° 20) The Common Market to Promote Social Prosperity - Introductory Report for the IIIrd International Conference of ELEC

           (n° 19) First Supplement to the previous publication

1955   (n° 18) Declaration of ELEC on the Creation of a Common Market

1954   (n° 17) A European Solidarity Plan to Aid the Depressed Areas of Southern Europe

1953   (n° 13) The Monetary Reconstruction of Europe and its Contribution to Economic and Social Progress - Introductory Report - Resolution of the Monetary Conference of ELEC 

1952   (n° 12) The Role of Agriculture in the Formation of a Single European Marke

           (n° 11) The Promoters' Inquiry

           (n° 10) European Institute for Advanced Business Management

1951   (n° 7) Europe-Commonwealth Conference - Speech by Mr Van Zeeland

1950   (n° 4) The Rearmament of Western Europe and its Economic Unification