Welcome on the web site of the European League for Economic Cooperation.

ELEC is a network of European entrepreneurs of goodwill, aimed at putting timely intellectual pressure on European decision makers to further economic integration in Europe. It acts in complete independence from national or private interests, public authorities or any pressure group.

Established in 1946, ELEC was in 1948 one of the founding members of the European Movement. Its mission includes the mobilisation of its members in support of projects that embody the European common interests through the circulation of information, the organisation of debates and the publication of papers on important European themes.

ELEC is built as a federation of national sections present in a number of European countries. The membership of its national sections is drawn largely from economic and financial circles; but it also maintains close contacts with senior national and European civil servants as well as academics and policy makers, whose expertise and influence stimulate the exchanges and broaden their scope and quality.

One becomes a member of ELEC by adhering to one of the national sections. Citizens of countries where there is no national section of ELEC, as well as officials at international or European institutions, may become associate members by applying to the general secretariat in Brussels (info@elec-lece.eu).

Upcoming events

07-06-2021 - Brussels (online)
Mid-year Central Council
02-12-2021 - Brussels (BE)
75th anniversary of ELEC
03-12-2021 - Brussels (BE)
Year-end Central Council

Jacques de Larosière with ELEC president Bernard Snoy at the summer Central Council (Paris, June 5th 2015).