Economic & social commission

Philippe JURGENSEN (France)

Former president:
Until 1999: Olivier GISCARD d'ESTAING (France)

Upcoming events

Past events

26-01-2021 - Paris (FR) - Hybrid
Economic & Social Commission: Economic recovery post COVID
19-03-2020 - Paris (FR)
Economic & Social Commission: cohesion policies in Europe
08-10-2019 - Brussels (BE)
Economic & Social Commission: China
25-03-2019 - Paris (FR)
Economic & Social Commission: Brexit
13-11-2018 - Brussels (BE)
Economic & Social Commission: euro-african cooperation
22-05-2018 - Paris (FR)
Economic & Social Commission: Economic convergence
18-05-2017 - Paris (FR)
Economic & Social Commission: Migration in Europe
17-06-2016 - Milan (IT)
Economic & Social Commission: international trade
03-12-2015 - Brussels (BE)
Economic & Social Commission: "population ageing and its economic and social consequences in Europe"
05-05-2015 - Paris (FR)
Economic & Social Commission: towards tax harmonisation in the European Union?
15-05-2014 - Paris (FR)
Economic & Social Commission: reindustrialising the EU
05-12-2013 - Brussels (BE)
Economic & Social Commission: " How can we ensure a full contribution of the financial sector to support an economic upturn?" - Annual dinner: keynote speaker Jan Smets (NBB)
28-05-2013 - Paris (FR)
Europe and Energy
06-12-2012 - Brussels (BE)
"What future for Europe’s social model"
31-05-2012 - Paris (FR)
"How to stimulate investments and growth in Europe"
01-12-2011 - Brussels (BE)
"What kind of European Monetary Union do we want? Economic governance, common fiscal and tax policy and indicators of convergence"
12-05-2011 - Paris (FR)
"Keys to future competitiveness for Europe in the global economy"
01-02-2011 - Paris (FR)
Prospects for the European Union in 2030, between emerging countries and North America
02-12-2010 - Brussels (BE)
"New economic governance in Europe"
23-06-2010 - Paris (FR)
"International trade, markets and multilateral negotiations"
13-10-2009 - Paris (FR)
"Controlling budgetary deficits resulting from the financial crisis"
18-03-2009 - Brussels (BE)
"Innovation, research and higher learning in view of the Lisbon agenda"
28-10-2008 - Paris (FR)
"Economic consequences of the financial crisis" "The reform of world governance"
22-04-2008 - Brussels (BE)
"Economic balance of the impact of the coming of new member states into the EU" Joint meeting with the Neighbourhood Commission
09-10-2007 - Paris (FR)
Symposium "L'énergie, clef du futur européen?"
26-04-2007 - Paris (FR)
"Economic nationalism or European patriotism?"
15-09-2006 - Brussels (BE)
"Enterprise in Europe"
27-04-2006 - Monaco (MC)
"Problems linked to imbalance in international trade"
21-09-2005 - Brussels (BE)
"Demographic ageing and its consequences"
05-04-2005 - Paris (FR)
"The relocation of economic activities"
15-09-2004 - Brussels (BE)
"Main aspects of the problem of the common budget"
15-04-2004 - Paris (FR)
"Relation between labour market rigidities and lower potential growth in the eurozone" "The role of innovation in the EU economic growth"
16-09-2003 - Brussels (BE)
"What are the stakes in the Doha Round?" "The Doha Round and the Singapore Issue"
16-04-2003 - Paris (FR)
"Level of taxes and public levies"
07-10-2002 - Paris (FR)
Coloque "L'Europe dans la mondialisation"
06-06-2002 - Monaco (MC)
"Economic situation in the EU and prospects for recovery" "Economic consequences of fluctuations in the euro exchange rate"
27-09-2001 - Brussels (BE)
"Corporate taxation in a globalised economy"
27-04-2001 - Paris (FR)
"Harmonisation of taxation on savings" "Status of the company under European law"
16-11-2000 - Brussels (BE)
"The reform of pensions systems in France ("Rapport Charpin")" "The problems of immigration"
07-06-2000 - Paris (FR)
"Prospects for employment following the Lisbon Summit" "World trade in a global perspective" "The consequences of the ageing of European population"
09-12-1999 - Brussels (BE)
"European policy for fiscal coordination: proposal for a fiscal reform" "Pension funds"
10-06-1999 - Copenhagen (DK)
"Conclusions of the German Presidency on fiscal matters" "European policy for fiscal coordination"
08-03-1999 - Brussels (BE)
"Fiscal coordination: Monti package" "Problem of axed jobs in duty free shops"
17-12-1998 - Brussels (BE)
Discussion of the programme of work of the Economic and Social Commission
07-11-1997 - Brussels (BE)
"Working week: situation in the various countries"
25-04-1997 - Paris (FR)
"Benchmarking: analysis of the European Commission's paper" "Procurement contracts (based on Commission's Green Book and WTO agreements)" "Future of the European automobile industry: economic and social aspects" "Creating additional employment in the sub-