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Senén Florensa (Spain)

Upcoming events

Past events

30-10-2019 to 31-10-2019 - Palma de Mallorca (ES)
Mediterranean Commission: Promoting Blue Tourism in the Mediterranean
04-10-2018 to 05-10-2018 - Rome (IT)
Economic Integration and Co-Development
29-09-2017 to 30-09-2017 - Tarragona (ES)
Mediterranean Commission: Socioeconomic challenges in a changing Mediterranean
05-02-2016 to 06-02-2016 - Istanbul (TU)
Mediterranean Commission: Turkey as a European and regional hub
19-09-2014 to 20-09-2014 - Rabat (Morocco)
11th Mediterranean Conference: governance
12-11-2012 to 13-11-2012 - Marseille (FR)
10th Mediterranean Conference "The Mediterranean and shared development: new challenges"
04-06-2012 - Brussels (BE)
Topic: Arab Spring one year later
15-03-2011 - Brussels (BE)
Topic: Situation in North Africa
22-05-2009 to 23-05-2009 - Barcelona (ES)
9th Conference: Union for the Mediterranean: economic dimension
11-12-2008 - Brussels (BE)
Conclusions of the Euro-Mediterranean meeting of Marseille
09-10-2008 - Brussels (BE)
Conclusions of the Euro-Mediterranean Summit of Paris
27-05-2008 - Brussels (BE)
Preparation of the 9th conference (Spring 2009)
26-10-2007 to 27-10-2007 - Barcelona (ES)
8th Conference: Protection sociale, croissance économique et équilibre social dans les pays tiers de la Méditerranée
28-04-2006 to 29-04-2006 - Monaco (MC)
7th Conference: Education, formation et technologie comme leviers du développement économique dans les pays tiers de la Méditerranée
06-10-2005 - Palma de Mallorca (ES)
Preparation of the Monaco conference (April 2006)
19-05-2005 - Brussels (BE)
Preparation of the Monaco conference (April 2006)
03-03-2005 - Brussels (BE)
Evaluations and preparations
22-10-2004 to 23-10-2004 - Napoli (IT)
6th Mediterranean: Economic cooperation and social progress around the Mediterranean
29-06-2004 - Brussels (BE)
Preparation of the next conference (Naples - October 2004)
25-11-2003 - Brussels (BE)
Evaluation and preparation
25-04-2003 to 26-04-2003 - Tunis (TN)
5th Conference: Financing investment projects of the private sector in third countries of the Mediterranean
03-04-2003 - Brussels (BE)
Case study of a structured loan in the South Mediterranean area
18-03-2003 - Brussels (BE)
Financing of investment projects of the EIB in third countries of the Mediterranean
28-11-2002 - Brussels (BE)
Development banks and the integration of capital markets of emerging countries
29-05-2002 - Brussels (BE)
Action of the Mediterranean chambers of commerce
19-10-2001 to 20-10-2001 - Palma de Mallorca (ES)
4th Conference: Promotion of private investment by countries of the EU in the Mediterranean zone
13-09-2001 - Brussels (BE)
Private investments and UNIMED project
27-03-2001 - Brussels (BE)
Evaluation and preparation
06-03-2001 - Brussels (BE)
Action of the chambers of commerce in economic cooperation matters in the Mediterranean Region
11-10-2000 - Brussels (BE)
Evaluation and preparation
05-05-2000 to 06-05-2000 - Barcelona (ES)
3rd Conference Relations between the EU and Eastern Mediterranean countries
09-03-2000 to 27-01-2015 - Brussels (BE)
Preparation of the conference of May 2000
08-07-1999 - Brussels (BE)
Situation of Syria
18-03-1999 - Brussels (BE)
Situation of Cyprus and Malta
26-11-1998 - Brussels (BE)
Situation of Egypt
02-10-1998 to 03-10-1998 - Barcelona (ES)
2nd Mediterranean: Current relations between the EU and the Mediterranean countries
09-07-1998 - Brussels (BE)
Economic aspects of relations between the EU and Turkey
05-03-1998 - Brussels (BE)
Policy in the eastern Mediterranea, in particular Israël and Palestine
19-06-1997 - Barcelona (ES)
1st Mediterranean: European dimension of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership