Monetary commission

Menno MIDDELDORP (Netherlands)

Former presidents:
2006-2020: Wim BOONSTRA (Netherlands)
2002-2006: Jean-Jacques REY (Belgium)
1996-2002: Bernard SNOY (Belgium)

Presidents of the "Kronberg" meetings:
Until 2007: Rolf BREUER (Germany)
Until 1998: Wilfried GUTH (Germany)

Upcoming events

Past events

04-06-2020 - Bucharest (RO)
Monetary Commission Conference
11-06-2019 - Brussels (BE)
The International Role of the Euro and its implications for global economic governance
04-06-2019 - Bucharest (RO)
Monetary Commission Conference
25-10-2018 - Bucharest (RO)
Monetary Commission: Convergence towards euro enlargement
23-02-2018 - Vienna (AT)
Monetary Commission: the Future of EMU
25-05-2016 - Utrecht (NL)
Monetary Commission: what exit strategy for QE?
26-06-2015 - Amsterdam (NL)
Monetary Commission: capital markets union
04-12-2014 - Brussels (BE)
Monetary Commission: the deflation danger and what to do about it
14-03-2014 - Amsterdam (NL)
Monetary Commission: business models in banking
27-09-2013 - Brussels (BE)
"The financial crisis 5 years on. Did we learn the lessons?"
08-02-2013 - Utrecht (NL)
Topic: Banking Union: a necessary and sufficient condition to overcome the euro crisis?
26-10-2012 - Bucharest (RO)
Eastern Europe and the EMU: finding the optimal path for introducing the euro
07-05-2012 - Vienna (AU)
The actual developments in the euro area and the search for ways out of the crisis
01-12-2011 - Brussels (BE)
What kind of European Monetary Union do we want? Economic governance, common fiscal and tax policy and indicators of convergence
13-11-2011 - The Hague (NL)
Kronberg Conference: The European Monetary Union at the crossroads - Ways out of the crisis
30-09-2011 - Brussels (BE)
The reform of the International Monetary System
21-03-2011 - Utrecht (NL)
How to strengthen the European monetary union
01-10-2010 - Bruxelles (BE)
Ways out of the EMU crisis
30-04-2010 - Frankfurt (DE)
The ECB and the new institutional framework
10-12-2009 - Brussels (BE)
The creation of a common European bond market
05-03-2009 to 06-03-2009 - Amsterdam (NL)
Kronberg conference: the financial crisis
30-01-2009 - Madrid (ES)
New challenges for the EMU
09-11-2008 - Brussels (BE)
Fighting the crisis
18-04-2008 - Warsaw (PL)
The credit crisis/ Poland and the euro
09-11-2007 - Amsterdam (NL)
Trends in banking
30-03-2007 - Rome (IT)
Towards a single market of retail banking
20-10-2006 - Amsterdam (NL)
Euro and monetary conditions
24-03-2006 - Paris (FR)
Global adjustment and price stability
07-10-2005 - Utrecht (NL)
Financial supervision in Europe
11-03-2005 - Geneva (CH)
Banking/hedge funds
08-10-2004 - Brussels (BE)
The European integrated payments area
19-03-2004 - London (UK)
European financial integration
10-10-2003 - Brussels (BE)
Economic and Monetary Union
21-03-2003 - Vienna (AT)
The monetary dimensions of joining the EU
22-03-2002 - Brussels (BE)
Economic convergence/securities market regulation
05-10-2001 - London (UK)
Economic convergence/Lamfalussy report
13-03-2001 - Amsterdam (NL)
Various subjectss
16-10-2000 - Vienna (AT)
Various subjects
17-03-2000 - Paris (FR)
Various subjects
24-09-1999 - London (UK)
Nine months with the euro
19-03-1999 - Turin (IT)
The euro: a first assessment
13-11-1998 - Luxemburg (LU)
Implications of the EMU
20-03-1998 - Brussels (BE)
Implications of the EMU
17-10-1997 - Madrid (ES)
Progress towards the EMU
21-03-1997 - Brussels (BE)
Countdown to the EMU