As of 2016, Switzerland is represented in ELEC by the Association La Suisse en Europe (ASE), following in the footsteps of ELEC Suisse which was formally dissolved at the end of 2015 and the rights and obligations of which were taken up by ASE with more than 100 members as of that day. The transition was approved by ELEC’s General Council at its December 2015 meeting.  ASE’s goals and aspirations are very much  in line with ELEC. The Association is engaged in improving knowledge and information on the EU, much distorted in Switzerland, and to fight for good and open relations with the Union in the understanding that Switzerland firmly forms part of Europe and European Integration while taking into account her particular political institutions of direct democracy which obliged to pursue a separate road of bilateral agreements outside the EEA and outside of EU Membership so far. ​

President: Bénédict de TSCHARNER

Vice-President: Thomas COTTIER, former president ELEC Switzerland

                           Jean-Daniel GERBER,  former secretary of state 

Secretary: Eric KISTLER

Address: Rue de Candolle 16, 1205 Genève

Contact: contact@suisse-en-europe.ch

Website: http://www.suisse-en-europe.ch


Upcoming events

Past events

12-09-2015 - Bern (CH)
Switzerland in Europe
09-06-2015 - Bern (CH)
Abschiedsvorlesung Cottier
20-10-2014 - Bern (CH)
Luncheon Conference with secretary of state Ineichen-Fleisch
24-09-2014 - Bern (CH)
Forumsgespräche: welche Schweiz
04-09-2014 - Bern (CH)
Forumsgespräche: welche Schweiz
02-05-2014 - Berne (CH)
Book vernissage: "Die Rechtsbeziehungen der Schweiz und der Europäischen Union"
24-02-2014 - Bern (CH)
Prof. Cottier on "Causes and Costs of Swiss Protectionism in Migration"