Upcoming events

07-06-2021 - Brussels (online)
Mid-year Central Council
02-12-2021 - Brussels (BE)
75th anniversary of ELEC

Past events

11-05-2021 - Paris (online and on site)
Cohesion policies in Europe: a retrospective and prospective view
21-04-2021 - Online seminar
Towards a European payments system to meet European consumers' needs for the 21st century
02-12-2019 - Brussels (BE)
Commission meeting
03-12-2018 - Brussels (BE)
Commission meeting
05-07-2018 to 06-07-2018 - Linz (AT)
EMU Deepening and convergence
31-05-2018 - Sofia (BG)
Conference on energy and infrastructure
30-11-2017 - Brussels (BE)
Conference on European Security and Defence
08-06-2017 - Bucharest (RO)
Eastern European Conference
01-12-2016 - Brussels (BE)
Round table: What project for the EU after Brexit?
26-04-2016 - Bucharest (RO)
Conference: “ How can the EU generate a virtuous circle in the Black Sea Region : the case of food and energy security”
12-06-2014 - Madrid (SP)
Conference: The Iberian recovery - Spain and Portugal after the structural reforms
26-10-2012 - Bucharest (RO)
Eastern Europe and the EMU finding the optimal path for introducing the euro
17-06-2011 to 18-06-2011 - Bucharest (RO)
Renewable energy and transport infrastructure: a new challenge for EU-Black Sea cooperation
04-06-2010 - Wroclaw (PL)
Political and economic cooperation EU and Russia in the XXIst century
08-07-2008 - Brussels (BE)
Pan-EU retail banking: what industry wants and consumers need
24-06-2008 - Brussels (BE)
From Why to How: reflections on the Lisbon Agenda post 2010 - In collaboration with TEPSA
30-11-2007 - Bern (CH)
Neighbourhood Conference "EFTA-EU Relations"
20-09-2007 - Brussels (BE)
Euro: its impact and its future "in collaboration with TEPSA"
19-06-2007 - Brussels (BE)
EU-China relationship "Symposium in collaboration with Eur-IFRI"
08-05-2006 - Brussels (BE)
Financial Supervision in Europe: time for a European system?
26-03-2003 - Brussels (BE)
Où va la Convention?
20-09-1996 - Brussels (BE)
Europe, an Ideal and a Vital Concern: Informing and Motivating Citizens
18-05-1990 - Utrecht (NL)
Migration of Workers and Company Activity
21-04-1989 - Brussels (BE)
Taxation in Europe
24-10-1988 to 25-10-1988 - Vienna (AT)
Europe and the Case of Austria
01-12-1987 - Düsseldorf (DE)
The European Dimension in Environmental Protection
11-12-1986 to 12-12-1986 - Brussels (BE)
Financial Market for Europe
21-01-1986 - Paris (FR)
The Reform of the CAP and its implications for international trade
28-09-1984 - Brussels (BE)
Reorganizing Work
02-07-1982 - Brussels (BE)
Co-existence in the European Economy of Public and Private Enterprise
12-11-1981 - London (UK)
The £ and the EMS in a World of Monetary Disorder
03-07-1981 - Paris (FR)
The Competitiveness of European Companies
15-05-1981 - Athens (GR)
North-South Colloquium
10-10-1980 - Paris (FR)
Towards a Common Energy Policy
19-09-1979 - Brussels (BE)
Accession of Spain to the EEC
14-12-1978 - Brussels (BE)
A New Economic Impetus for Europe - The Fundamental Role of the European Parliament
25-10-1968 to 26-10-1968 - Brussels (BE)
The Organization of a European Monetary Order
24-02-1968 to 25-02-1968 - Brussels (BE)
Economic, Industrial, Scientific and Technical Coop
14-05-1965 to 15-05-1965 - Brussels (BE)
East/West Commercial Relations "Round table"
23-10-1964 to 24-10-1964 - Bordeaux (FR)
La multilatéralisation de l'aide européenne au tiers monde: opportunité, possibilités et limites "Round table on underdevelopment"
19-06-1964 - Paris (FR)
L'investissement et l'Europe de demain "Round table of industrialists"
20-06-1963 to 22-06-1963 - Brussels (BE)
Strengthening Economic Co-operation in Europe
20-10-1960 to 22-10-1960 - Brussels (BE)
The coming tasks of Europe
20-06-1956 to 22-06-1956 - Brussels (BE)
The Common Market to Promote Social Prosperity "Social Conference"
29-01-1953 to 31-01-1953 - Brussels (BE)
The Monetary Reconstruction of Europe and its Contribution to Economic and Social Progress "Monetary Conference"